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API provides Powerline and Pipeline services for several utility companies in Arkansas and surrounding areas.  We not only provide the aircraft and pilot, but highly trained observers to spot, photograph, and report damages or incursions.  During periods of stormy weather, we provide emergency patrols to get your electricity flowing as quickly as possible. 

Electronic News Gathering is another one of our specialties.  Since the early 80’s, all of the local network affiliates have contracted our services for aerial video work. 

To get that perfect shot that all photographers covet, there is no better aerial platform than a helicopter.  For that reason, most of the aerial photographers in Central Arkansas employ our services when they really need to get it right.  One of our Jet Rangers is specifically equipped for aerial photography.  It has a “photo window” which provides almost a square yard of unobstructed view without having to take the doors off or hang out the side of the aircraft.  It also has a gyroscopically-stabilized, remotely-operated, broadcast-quality video camera installed.  Ad agencies and production companies often use this camera for shake-free high-quality video.  For cinematography, we can install a Tyler Mount for specialty cameras. 

If you need to get somewhere quickly, obviously there is no better way than by air.  Helicopters have an added advantage over airplanes in that they can deliver you door-to-door.  We can pick you up at your office parking lot and let you off at your hunting club.  Or we can drop you off at your senior prom, or whisk you away from your wedding.  Santa needs a ride somewhere—no problem.

If a realtor or prospective buyer needs to look at a piece of property, there is no better way than to view it from the air.  You just can’t possibly get an overall perspective any other way, and there is no better vehicle than a helicopter. 

If your church group wants a really exciting activity, there is nothing more fun and memorable than a helicopter ride.  Or for an unforgettable anniversary, there is nothing like an evening ride over Little Rock or up the Arkansas River or over the Ozarks by helicopter.